Who Is A Daily Off-Leash Walk Perfect For?

I would love nothing more than to say that every dog is perfect for the off-leash park, but in good conscience, I simply cannot. Dogs that have never been properly socialized, specifically between 0-4 months, dogs that are trained to be guard dogs, aggressive dogs or dogs with aggressive owners are not perfect for an off-leash park. However, there are many more types who are.


It is so important that puppies are socialized early. If they are not, it will likely cause future issues down the road. It should become common knowledge that puppies need socialization right from the start and it must continue throughout its life.

High Energy Dogs

Nothing tires out a high-energy dog like a vigorous daily playdate in the fresh air with their furry friends. Besides providing a physical outlet for an active dog, off-leash parks provide mental stimulation for every physical activity level.

Shy, Timid or Aloof Dogs

Just like people, dogs come with unique and special personalities that are formed through both nurture and nature’s efforts. Some are goofy and care-free, confident in every step, happy and loud, while others are more low-key, seemingly standoffish, maybe a little shy, timid or even aloof.  These types of dogs can benefit over a period of time with consistent access and exposure to daily off-leash walks with other dogs. An increase in a dog‘s confidence is almost a guaranteed benefit.

Bored or Lonely Dogs

Most of us feel guilt when we cannot provide our pets with the attention we know they deserve. Missing out on a daily walk, play-time in the backyard before supper, or a regular game of tug-of-war with Dad’s socks can easily get dogs bored and when they do, they can get destructive. Destructive behaviour and excessive barking are most often the result of an under-stimulated or lonely dog. Luckily, a car ride to the off-leash dog park can cure the doggy blahs in one trip!

Overweight Dogs

It is easy to see dogs gain weight when they’re not receiving enough regular exercise. Studies show that the number one cause of death in cats and dogs is obesity. We all love to reward our fur babies with treats and cookies for good behaviour, or just for being so darn cute. The problem is the frequency with which we reward them as well as the quality of the treat. No dogs or cats choose to be overweight, we as their humans often decide for them. So making the decision to engage your dog in some off-leash group play is not only an easy one, it’s a healthy one.

Properly Socialized, Well-Behaved Dogs with Excellent Recall

These are our favourite dogs to take to the park. A dog need not have issues to enjoy a daily off-leash adventure. Fresh air, exercise, other friendly dog pals, and a safe environment are just some of the reasons good dogs love the off-leash dog park!

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