Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments can be made by e-transfer or by cash, in person. Please note: Payments must be made in advance, prior to any walks taking place.

How do I know my dog is suitable for the off-leash park?

We will schedule a “test walk” with your dog at an off-leash park with at least one of your dog’s handlers present. We will bring up to 3 other dogs for the walk in order to observe your dog’s social skills, body language and level of recall. Providing your dog comes when called and shows no evidence of aggression, they are likely a good candidate to partake in the fun.


If it’s ‘off-leash’, why does my dog require a harness?

There will be times your dog will be leashed, particularly at the beginning and the end of every off-leash adventure. Happy and excited dogs tend to pull, and we know a collar around the neck can cause trachea damage so we avoid any chance of injury by insisting all our dogs wear harnesses.

What about fighting & incidents with other dogs?

While incidences are rare out at the dog park, dogs are animals and no one “speaks dog”.

Despite constant vigilance and paying attention, incidents can happen. We take all precautions necessary to protect your pet from these rare occasions. We carry dog fight deterrents, know how to intervene safely, and closely watch body language.


Why don’t you provide individual leashed walks?

There are many dog walkers in the city who offer one-on-one leashed walks around the neighbourhood. We believe dogs need each other, and letting them run free together makes a bigger impact in a dog’s life than almost any other daily activity can. Find out what this incredible daily adventure can do for your dog!


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