How It Works

Before the Walk

Tell Us About Your Dog

Fill out our questionnaire to help us determine your dog’s suitability. This can be filled out prior to the meet & greet.

Meet & Greet

We provide free meet and greets before we agree to take your dog for a walk. Contact us to schedule a meet & greet.

Schedule your walks!

Let us know how many days a week, and which days of the week you would like your dog walked. See our menu for more information.


Sign the Waiver

Once we agree to take your dog, we have you sign a waiver. Read through and sign our terms and conditions

What Does My Dog Need?


We like to use harnesses. They’re more humane and because collars on pulling dogs can cause trachea damage, we prefer your dog has a properly-fitted harness for our walks.


Your dog must be up to date on their shots. Read more about dogs and vaccinations.

Registration & Tag

Dogs must be registered with the city of Winnipeg and wear their registration tag.

⛈ Cancellations Due to Bad Weather

If the weather is too bad for a walk, then each dog scheduled for a walk that day is either visited in their home for 30 minutes or, the walk is made up on another day during the week.

Please Note: This does not happen very often. Most dogs usually don’t mind bad weather!

⛔️ Services We Don't Provide

Kindly be aware that at this time, Punk’n and Pals does not provide the following:

  • Obedience Training

  • Doggy Day Care

  • Grooming

Have Questions?

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Get in Touch

Still not convinced? Have more questions or concerns? Get started by contacting us. 

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